Ascent Walkways

Ascent Aluminium Roof walkway and steps

Ascent™ Walkways

Ascent walkways are available in both Aluminium and Mild steel Galvanised. 

The Ascent Aluminium walkway system has been developed to suit a complete range of rooftop applications. We have produced a walkway system for Aluminium Standing Seam, Steel profile & Single Ply Membrane / Felt Flat roof types.

Ascent Aluminium Walkway 

The Ascent Aluminium walkway system can be laid to roof falls (up to 3 deg – as per BS EN 516), can be levelled (across the roof slope), stepped (up the roof slope) and supplied with handrail to either one or both sides up to a 0.76 KN load. It has the added benefit that it can achieve these handrail loads without the need for additional bracing allowing it to be placed at the roof edge – adjacent the gutter, allowing safe & easy hands on gutter cleaning. The walkway system is supplied in component form for ease of on-site installation.

Ascent Mild Steel Walkway

The Ascent Mild Steel walkway system is a modular walkway system which is designed to be self-supporting. The walkway is formed from a modular framework which allows it to achieve un-supported spans of up to 5.6m with a handrail load 0.76 KN. The walkway can be supplied with Adjustable Rubber spreader feet to allow it to sit onto a flat roof or floor. It can accommodate a range of heights allowing it to clear roof top plant & ducting or other obstructions – in doing so allowing it to be used as either a maintenance or fire escape walkway. It can also be suspended / supported on cantilever brackets to create a suspended walkway system.