Rooflight & Fall Protection Covers

Rooflight & Fall Protection Covers


Ascent fall protection & Rooflight covers are designed to provide a Collective Fall protection solution for workers accessing or working adjacent to fragile surfaces. The Ascent fall Protection / Rooflight covers can be used either individually to protect an isolated hazard such as a roof light or as a system to protect a fragile roof surface.

When used to protect a rooflight the covers are often supported on legs and are typically 150mm in all directions larger than the plan area of the rooflight. They have the added benefit that due to their mesh-based construction they have only a minimal impact on the level of light entering a building when used to protect roof lights / North light glazing.

Fall protection Covers are classed by the HSE as a form of collective protection, that is they collectively protect users. The user does not require any specialist training or individual PPE. As such collective protection measures are preferred over individual protection measures. WAHR 2005.

Fall protection covers are generally specified for use on existing buildings where fragile surfaces exist on or near to a place of work or adjacent to an access route / to or from a place of work.

They are commonly used to protect from falls through Asbestos / Fibre Cement roof coverings, through glazed or fragile rooflights.

The Ascent Fall protection / Rooflight covers are tested in accordance with ACR(M) 001:2014 Test for Non-Fragility of Large Element Roofing Assemblies (fifth edition) – The “Red Book”

Ascent™ Rooflight & Fall Protection Covers Products

Rooflight covers shown protecting fragile rooflights

Rooflight covers shown protecting fragile rooflights

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Ascent™ Rooflight & Fall protection Covers

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All our products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2021 and BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and carry the CE / UKCA Marking.