Orgreave, Sheffield

Orgreave, Sheffield

The Challenge:

Workers needed frequent access to the roof of an office/warehousing facility in Orgreave, Sheffield, to carry out planned preventative maintenance.

Eurosafe Solutions were appointed to provide safe access to the roof.

The Solution:

As part of its safe access strategy, Eurosafe Solutions specified a pair of Ascent™ Rooflight Covers.

An Ascent™ Rooflight Cover is a freestanding unit that sits above the glazed rooflight’s potential fall hazard.

The rooflight covers, which are made of an angular aluminium framework with mesh infill, are designed to not stop light from penetrating the rooflight.

Rooflight covers are supported by small spreader plates, which provide non-penetrative support on the flat felt roof.

Ascent™ Rooflight Covers have been tested for non-fragility of large element roofing assemblies (fifth element) in line with ACR(M) 001:2014.

The Ascent™ Rooflight Cover is manufactured in accordance with 1090 factory production control procedures, allowing for CE/UKCA marking with all safety important components as required by the Construction Product Regulations 2022.

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