Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

Safety Fabrications is proud to have been assigned to provide an Ascent™ Aluminium Access Walkway for Ely Cathedral’s Octagon Tower.

The Client:

The Octagon Tower is recognised as one of the wonders of the Medieval world.

It is a masterpiece of medieval engineering that took 18 years to complete.

The internal height is 142 feet (43 metres), and its total weight is 400 tonnes.

John of Burwell (a village south-east of Ely) carved the Christ in Majesty in the centre.

Thousands of people visit Ely to climb the tower and the inside wooden structure, which has baffled architects for centuries.

The Challenge:

Upon reaching the tower, a walkway is required to provide visitors with a level, anti-slip, free-draining surface around the roof’s perimeter.

The roof offers amazing views of both the Cathedral and the surrounding Cambridgeshire countryside.

The Solution:

The Ascent™ Aluminium Access Walkway was installed with guardrails around its outer edges.

The walkway was levelled and supported by non-penetrative support feet that rest on the lead roof.

Ascent™ Aluminium Access Walkways are designed and tested in compliance with EN 516;2006 and BS EN 14122- 2 &3 :2016 and manufactured at our Sheffield premises to CE / UKCA standards in accordance with BS EN 1090 manufacturing procedures.

Manufactured from 6082-T6 structural grade aluminium, Ascent™ Access Aluminium Walkways are 100% recyclable, protecting both the maintenance personnel who use the walkway now and future generations who may wish to re-purpose it at the end of its working life.

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