Aluminium Walkway

Ascent™ Aluminium Walkway

The Ascent Aluminium walkway system has been developed to provide a level, anti-slip walkway surface for occasional maintenance access on roof tops.

The Aluminium Walkways can be arranged in a number of different configurations to suit your specific rooftop application. 

It can be; 
• Laid to the falls of the roof (up to 3 deg – as per BS EN 516)
• Levelled (across the roof slope)
• Stepped (up the roof slope)
• Handrail to either one or both sides up to a 0.76 KN load.

It has the added benefit that it can achieve these handrail loads without the need for additional bracing allowing it to be placed at the roof edge – adjacent the gutter, allowing safe & easy hands on gutter cleaning. 
The walkway system is supplied in component form for ease of on-site installation. 

The Ascent Aluminium walkway has been developed to suit a range of specific roof applications;