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Ascent Fixed Access Ladder provides a simple access solution to roof or raised flooring height for maintenance and other occasional use.

The Ascent™ fixed access ladder range is the result of extensive Research & Development. This investment in both design & manufacturing technology has allowed us to create an access ladder system designed in accordance with BS 4211:2005 & A1:2008 and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 & 2:2008. This has produced an accurately manufactured product which is both easy to specify and install.

Fixed Access Ladder

Our aim has been to create a standard range of “flat pack access ladders”. An off the shelf product which will meet the challenges you face when creating safe access at height.

- The Ascent Fixed Access Ladder range offers on-site adjustment to meet your needs whilst giving the safety and finished appearance of a bespoke product. 

- Ascent Safety Ladders are available with either a simple step through at the head or a platform to clear obstructions with the option of a step down to suit. You can either fit your own fall protection system in accordance with EN 353-1 or Hoops can be supplied from stock where required.  

- Ascent Safety Ladders can be supplied with either a bracketry fixing kit or with freestanding feet where floor/roof penetration is not possible. 

- All Ascent products have been approved through the necessary safety and structural calculations and are supplied in compliance with BS EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 & 2:2008 & are CE Marked Fabrications. 

Example Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladders/External Access Ladders that we have supplied.

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What We Do

Wherever roof access is required, designers are tasked with creating a safe route to and from the place of work. Following the hierarchy of safety collective protection measures should always be considered above individual fall protection solutions.

D-marc is classed as a form of Collective Demarcation Protection in accordance with the HSE's hierarchy of risk management as set out within the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR). The WAHR 2005 Part 3 illustrates the use of a demarcation system as an "example of taking other additional suitable and sufficient measures to prevent a fall''. The demarcation system is to be placed a safe distance from the fall hazard (normally >2m). Health and Safety Roofwork HSG33 states that "where work is not done at the edge, demarcation barriers can be provided at a safe distance from the edge (usually at least 2 metres). e.g. work on an air-conditioning unit in the middle of a roof."