Legacy Wharf

Legacy Wharf

The Client:

The Legacy Wharf development in Stratford is part of a more extensive restoration of London’s East End, which benefited substantially from the UK’s hosting of the 2012 Olympics.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is only a short distance away from the development.

The Challenge:

Height Safe Systems was assigned with delivering a solution for maintenance access to the rooftops of this prominent residential development at Legacy Wharf.

As part of their access strategy, they specified the Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladder.

The Solution:

The Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladder allowed maintenance personnel to go between adjacent roof levels.

The ladder lead to a levelled Ascent™ Aluminium Roof Walkway that climbed the top roof slope.

Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladders with safety cages are designed to BS EN 14122-4:2016 standards and can be tailored to fit a variety of building types.

Where heights surpass 10m, intermediate rest platforms can be installed, and other safety features, including anti-climb covers, self-closing gates, and ladder-up posts, can be introduced to fulfil the site’s specifications.

Height Safe Systems installed the Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladder in accordance with the full install guidelines provided.

Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladders are designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 14122-4:2016 and manufactured to CE / UKCA standards in compliance with BS EN 1090 manufacturing procedures at our Sheffield facility.

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