Multi-Tier Ladder

Multi-Tier Ladder

Online shopping has created a boom in the development of high bay warehouses, and they are now a common site alongside most main arterial roads in the UK.

The result of this boom has seen an increase in the demand for fixed access ladders.

The Challenge:

A retail site required access to the rooftops for periodic planned maintenance for both gutter clean, roof inspection as well as plant and machinery.

The Solution:

The Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladder was installed by a height safety contractor in accordance with the provided comprehensive install guidelines.

A number of the pieces of equipment on the roof required the regular replacement of filters, hence the provision of a gallows bracket for the raising and lowering of materials at the head of the upper platform.

Due to the need to restrict access to the rooftop an anti-climb cover was also fitted to the ladder.

Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladders are designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 14122-4:2016 and manufactured at our Sheffield premises to CE / UKCA standards in accordance with BS EN 1090 manufacturing procedures.

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