Hooped Ladder

Ascent™ Hooped / Caged Vertical Fixed Ladder

Ascent Hooped Safety ladders are designed to BS 4211 and CE manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1090-1 procedures to provide safe access between levels in and about buildings

The Ascent Hooped / Caged vertical ladders are designed following the guidelines of BS 4211-2005 A1-2008 ensuring the void within the ladder hoops are no greater than 0.4m2

Hooped Ladder

When specifying a Hooped ladder / ladder with a Safety Cage it is important to ensure that the correct design parameters are adhered to; BS 4211-2005 A1-2008 states; 3.1 Safety Cage (an) ... assembly which serves to limit the risk of people falling from the ladder. 5.5.1 states ... Fall protection shall be provided when: a) the height of the ladder is more than two meters; b) the height of the ladder is two meters or less, but there is a risk of falling a total distance of more than two meters...

A passive fall protection system for example a safety cage / hooped ladder shall be the preferred choice.

The Ascent hooped ladders with Safety cage follows the design guidelines of BS 4211; The lowest hoop starts at a height of between 2.2 and 3m. The clearance within the cage / hoops at the arrival area is between 500 and 700mm The clear distance within the hoops of the safety cage is between 650 and 800mm The distance from the rung to the safety cage / hoops is between 650 and 800mm. The spacing of safety cage / hooped components shall be designed so that the empty spaces are in any case not more than 0.40 m2 The distance between two hoops shall not exceed 1500mm and the distance between two uprights on the cage shall not exceed 300mm. The hoops shall be placed at right angles to the uptights on the cage. The safety cage uprights shall be fixed to the inside of the hoops and shall be equally spaced. A cage / hoops are not necessary if surrounding structures (walls, parts of machines etc..) in front of and on the sides of the ladder provide a similar level of protection as would the hoops (eg. by providing similar dimensions).

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