To Standing Seam Roof

To Standing Seam Roof

Aluminium roof walkway levelled on aluminium standing seam roof

Ascent Aluminium walkway for Standing Seam Roof

The walkways are designed to create a level anti-slip walking surface and to afford protection to the both the user & the standing seam roof. 

The walkway has been engineered as a system that can fit to 305, 400 or 500 seam centres.

Anti-slip Aluminium Roof walkway

Laid to the falls of the roof
CE Marked Fabrications

Stepped up the roof
Anti-slip Aluminium roof walkway on aluminium standing seam roof

Levelled across the pitch of the roof
Safety Ladders

Supplied with handrail to 0.76Kn
Anti-slip aluminium walkway with handrail to standing seam roof

The Ascent walkway is approved for use on The Kalzip Standing Seam roofing system & is manufactured in accordance with CE Marked Fabrications & CE Accredited Fabrications and are tested to BS EN 516:2006 Class 1 Type C.

Example Ascent™ Walkways that we have supplied.