Safety Fabrications successfully re-new CE certification for their Ascent™ range of products

Adam Greaves Quality Director at Safety Fabrications is pleased to report that they have successfully renewed their BS EN ISO 3834-2:2021 and BS EN 1090-1:2009 certification allowing the business to CE / UKCA mark its Ascent™ products.

From the 1st July 2013 it became a legal requirement that any construction product covered under a harmonised standard i.e. BS/EN/ISO is CE marked. As most of the Safety Fabrications Ascent™ range of products are Safety products which are covered under such harmonised standards, getting these accreditations was deemed essential for the continuing success of the business.

The requirement to check the CE compliance of products incorporated into a building is now identified under the Construction Product Regulations 2022 (CPR) as resting with the Duty Holder. It is the Duty Holders responsibility to ensure, that any product used, which is covered by a British Standard which is required to be CE marked and have a consistent Declaration of Performance (DoP). The publication of standards such as BS 7883:2019 for the fall protection industry go further to reinforce the roles & defined responsibilities of the duty holder when specifying safety critical equipment.

Safety Fabrications have developed a range of Access & Safety products which require CE marking – these include;

  • Ascent™ aluminium walkway for rooftops – which is covered under both BS EN ISO 14122:2016 and BS EN 516:2006
  • Ascent™ access ladders – BS EN ISO 14122-4:2016
  • Ascent™ Stair & Step Over units – BS EN ISO 14122:2016
  • Ascent™ Fall protection & Abseil anchor devices – EN 795:2012, BS 860:2017

Adam and the quality team at Safety Fabrications are always happy to answer any questions you may have relating to the CE marking of their Ascent range of products.