Safety Ladder With Platform

Safety Ladder With Platform

Ascent™ Ladder With Platform

Ascent™ ladders with platforms at the head are often specified to create access over parapet walls. Planners and Architects often introduce a parapet wall to the perimeter of a flat roof area when they are working to reduce the visual impact ofroof top plant. Creating clean & crisp lines to a building.

The raised parapet has the effect of raising the wall height of the building and creates a challenge for anyone looking to access the building via ladder. Safety Fabrications have overcome this problem in the design of their Ascent™ ladders with platform. The fixed Ascent ladder plant ascends the face of the building, whilst the platform creates safe access over the parapet.

The Ascent™ fixed access ladder with Safety Cage, platform & handrail is designed in accordance with BS EN 14122-4:2016 and can be detailed to suit a wide range of building types. Where heights exceed 10m intermediate rest platforms can be added and other safety features introduced to meet site conditions, such as Anti-Climb covers, self-closing gates and ladder-up posts.

The Ascent™ ladder was installed by the Height Safety contractor in accordance with the provided comprehensive install guidelines. The Ascent™ ladder is designed & tested in accordance with BS EN 14122-4:2016 and manufactured at our Sheffield premises to CE / UKCA standards in accordance with BS EN 1090 manufacturing procedures.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2021 and BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and carry the CE / UKCA Marking.