Ascent™ Step Unit & Stairs – Up & On Step Unit

Ascent™ Step Unit & Stairs – Up & On Step Unit

Ascent™ Step Unit & Stairs – Up & On Step Unit

The Ascent™ Up and On Stairs are designed to provide access typically from a lower roof to an upper roof. They are described as “Up & On” as they take the user up and then on to the upper roof. The platform at the head of the stair will generally take the user toward the centre of the roof and away from the fall hazard. It also has the dual purpose of clearing any protruding gutters or facia.

The Ascent™ Up & On step system are the designed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 and achieve the following;

– Offers the on-site adjustment you have always wanted whilst giving the safety and finished appearance of a bespoke product.

– Is available with a range heights & platform size to clear your obstruction.

– Is available with either fixed or freestanding feet enabling a safe and secure fit without roof penetration.

– Ascent™ products have been approved through the necessary safety and structural calculations and are supplied in compliance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2005 and BS EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 and CE Marked Fabrications.

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All our products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2021 and BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and carry the CE / UKCA Marking.