Solar Installation

Solar Installation

The Ascent™ Up & Over Step Unit was specified on this existing industrial premises as part of a refurbishment scheme, which included a comprehensive photovoltaic array.

The Challenge:

Safe access was required between the various roof areas holding photovoltaic panels.

The Solution:

Open grillage of the Ascent™ Up & Over Step Unit provided a free draining, anti-slip walking surface.

The provision of a guardrail on both sides protected users from falling from the step over unit.

Adjustable support feet on the step over unit allowed for final on-site levelling and a non-penetrative support system for the stair, ensuring the waterproof integrity of the roof surface was not compromised.

The step over unit was flat packed and included with comprehensive installation instructions.

Ascent™ Up & Over Step Units are designed to BS EN ISO 14122-1 & 3:2016 requirements and manufactured in our Sheffield facility to BS EN 1090 CE manufacturing standards, ensuring the product’s quality and safety.

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