Sheffield Training Centre Ladder

Sheffield Training Centre Ladder

The Ascent™ Companionway Ladder was specified to provide access to the upper roof area of Eurosafe’s Sheffield comprehensive working at height training facility.

The Client:

The Eurosafe Solutions training centre in Orgreave, Sheffield, is one of the leading working at height training facilities in the UK.

The centre was once an office and warehouse facility that Eurosafe refurbished to become a revolutionary training facility that replicates real-life situations as part of its comprehensive training programme.

The Challenge:

Eurosafe used the office and warehouse rooftops to simulate daily life maintenance scenarios.

A ladder was required as part of a safe access route across the roof for training delegates.

Because of the frequency of usage and levels of user competence, a companionway ladder was preferred over a fixed vertical ladder.

The Solution:

The Ascent™ Companionway Ladder was the perfect solution, as it utilises treads rather than rungs, making frequent access easier and safer.

Companionway ladders are inclined at a 70 degree angle to minimise occupied roof space.

The companionway ladder was installed by Eurosafe personnel in accordance with the comprehensive install guidelines provided.

Ascent™ Companionway Ladders are designed and tested in accordance with the recommendations of BS EN 14122-4 and manufactured in our Sheffield facility to BS EN 1090 CE manufacturing standards, ensuring the quality and safety of the product.

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