Queensway Tunnel

Queensway Tunnel

The Ascent™ Companionway Ladder was specified to provide access to a mechanical plant located within the Queensferry Tunnel, one of three tunnels connecting Liverpool to the Wirral.

The Client:

The Queensway Tunnel, known locally as the Birkenhead Tunnel, opened in 1934 and is just over 2 miles long, making it the longest road tunnel in the UK.

The tunnel is unique in that it has its own police force responsible for the policing of the tunnel and ensuring the safety of the vehicles within it.

The Challenge:

Traditional stairs were not practical for specification due to the frequency of use and limited space available within the tunnel’s plant room, therefore, a companionway ladder was required.

The Solution:

The Ascent™ Companionway Ladder was the perfect solution as it uses treads, similar to how a stair would, making regular access safer and easier.

Companionway ladders are inclined at a 70-degree angle to minimise occupied space.

Site engineers installed the Ascent™ companionway ladder in accordance with the comprehensive install guidelines provided.

Ascent™ Companionway Ladders are designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 14122-4:2016, and manufactured at our Sheffield facility to CE / UKCA standards using BS EN 1090 manufacturing procedures.

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