BS 8610 Testing

BS 8610 Testing

The Ascent™ Abseil Anchor System has been tested at SATRA.

SATRA is the UKAS accredited test organisation for use of abseil anchor systems for both direct attachment rescue (15 kN ultimate load) and redirect attachment rescue (21 kN ultimate load) in compliance with the requirements of BS 8610:2017.

Ascent™ Abseil Anchor Systems are designed to be compatible with a BS 8610:2017 anchor point and is fitted with threaded inserts to support suitable M12 fixings.

The International Code of Practice of the Industrial Roped Access Trade Association (IRATA) establishes suitable anchor points for the attachment of roped access equipment.

BS 8610:2017 goes a step further by outlining the testing procedures for these anchor systems.

SATRA utilises both of these methods for testing the Ascent™ Abseil Anchor System and anchor point.

The Ascent™ abseil anchor system is designed to be affixed to a reinforced concrete roof using a suitable structural fixing.

Abseil anchor systems are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 200 to 800mm to accommodate different roof build ups.

The anchor post is galvanised for protection and comes with its own unique identification tag that confirms provenance in accordance with BS 8610:2017 and BS 7883.

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