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Plant Platform
Plant Platform


Customers brief:
To provide a davit arm structure capable of withstanding fall arrest loads.
The customer required the davit arm to be sized to allow a bulk haulage tanker to park underneath for the loading / unloading of bulk liquids. As part of the process an operative – typically the tanker driver, climbs onto the top of the wagon to open the tanker lids; whilst doing this work he is exposed to a fall hazard. The davit was designed to create a fall protection system for the tanker driver.

What we supplied:
We worked to structural engineers drawings to fabricate 30 Davit structures, each davit had to be made in 3 component parts to allow ease of transport to the various sites across the country. Once installed on a concrete pad, the Latchway safety system was installed complete with retracting inertia reel.
The Tanker fall protection system provides effective overhead fall protection to wagon drivers operating at sites across the UK.