Your Go-to Guide for Your Industrial Custom Work Platforms

Your Go-to Guide for Your Industrial Custom Work Platforms

03rd December 2019

Getting your workers from one point to another safely may not always be a walk in the park. You need the right equipment for the job, and this is where work platforms come in. They provide access to hardly accessible areas for your workers to safely and conveniently complete the tasks at hand. However, different work areas require different access equipment. Besides, there are several types of work platforms available, and determining those that best suit your needs can be confusing. Here, we discuss in detail what you need to know before selecting customised platforms for your industrial needs. 

Key Functionality of the Platform
When it comes to customised platforms, many variables come into play. These include the platform material type, height, tread type, capacity, handrail options, and clearance, among other variables. It’s important to conduct thorough research and collect as much information as possible to determine a platform that best suits your needs. 

During the research, you need to factor in questions like?
●    What do you intend to accomplish with the plant platform? This will guide you on the type of equipment to go for. The type of industry you’re in can also determine the type of equipment to choose. 
●    Will it be used indoors or outdoors? This is essential in determining the type of material and caster to choose. Ensure to consider the characteristics of the surrounding, for instance, is it a corrosive environment?
●    Will you need to move the equipment around, or it will be installed permanently in one position? Will the height be adjustable, in case you need to access different working heights easily and conveniently? And if so, how high can the platform reach? Most elevating work platforms can reach heights of up to 54 feet, which is a convenient height for most work at height projects.   
●    How many workers are expected to work on the platform at a particular time, and will they be using tools? Knowing the expected worker capacity and weight will help determine the equipment size and strength of the material required.  

Versatility Desired
Budget constraints also have a say in the type of customized platform you’ll have. Yes, the platform will enhance your workers’ productivity and safety, but it can cause a big dent in your finances. However, you might be desiring what you don’t really need in the first place. And it can be quite a task to know which platform is right for you at your budget. 
Which is why it’s important to consult a professional who has designed platforms of similar scope, size, and complexity to yours. They’ll help you determine what you need versus what you just desire to have. Once you’ve identified your best possible platform, you may have several quotations before selecting the most pleasing offer as per your budget. But ensure to consider the products’ compliance with health and safety regulations.   

The Bottom Line
Custom work platforms can be a great way to ensure you have the best equipment for your facility. Beside the equipment size and look, you can add handrails, ladders, lifts, and gates for safety and convenience.