The Worst Accidents Suffered by Celebrities

The Worst Accidents Suffered by Celebrities

19th October 2020

Even celebrities can suffer horrific falls and terrible crashes. In fact, once we look at this list of famous people suffering accidents, it seems that they might be even more injury-prone than the rest of us.

Orlando Bloom Has Bashed Up His Body

The Lord of the Rings actor has suffered a variety of nasty accidents over the year. He fell off a horse and broke several ribs while filming the J.R.R. Tolkien epic, has broken both legs in separate accidents and has damaged several other parts of his body in different ways.

Perhaps his most serious injury came when he was 21 years old and attempted to climb up to a friend’s roof terrace. The drain pipe he was holding onto broke and he fell three floors, leaving him with broken vertebrae and paralysed for four days.

Tom Cruise Broke an Ankle Carrying Out a Stunt

Before Cruise started filming Mission Impossible: Fallout he had an unsettling premonition that something would go wrong when the cameras started to roll. It turned out that he was right. The actor said that this stunt was actually one of the easiest in a movie packed with cars, motorcycles and helicopters.

He had to run and then jump from one building to the next, but smashed heavily into the landing place and broke his ankle, later sharing the painful footage on TV shows. The action took place in the sort of setting where an aluminium walkway would be mandatory on a well-run building project.

Harrison Ford Had to Crash-Land a Plane

Ford went for a solo flight in his vintage, WWII-era plane one day in 2015, but it almost ended in tragedy when the engine lost power about 20 minutes into the trip, and at a height of 3,000 feet.

The actor managed to crash his plane into a golf course in Santa Monica, but had to be taken straight to hospital because of his injuries. The Indiana Jones star had a number of broken bones and a big cut to his scalp.

Bono Was in a High Energy Bike Crash

The U2 singer has suffered a variety of health scares in recent years, with a spinal injury and a “brush with mortality” among his worst moments. It hasn´t always been clarified what caused his problems, but we do know what happened when he went for a bike ride in New York’s Central Park.

This was described as a “high energy bicycle accident” in which he suffered various fractures and a nerve in his back was trapped. The man born as Paul Hewson had to undergo five hours of surgery and it could have ended his musical career.

Zac Efron Fell in a Puddle

One of the weirdest accidents on this list happened when this actor went for a walk in Hollywood Hills and, apparently, slipped in a puddle of water. While this might seem like a minor if embarrassing incident, Efron landed heavily on his face.

This meant that he needed to get his jaw wired shut and get some stitches. He was left with a large scar on his chin afterwards.