The World’s Most Exhilarating Ladders for Brave Climbers

The World’s Most Exhilarating Ladders for Brave Climbers

14th January 2020

Most of us can climb to the top of a regular foot ladder without fear. However, there are some ladders on the planet that only the bravest of the brave would attempt to climb.

The Sharpened Knife Ladder in China

Zhongtuan in China is the scene of a dramatic climb that involves an 8 metre ladder with sharpened knives as steps. This is part of the traditional harvest festival that takes place every 3 years and see large crowds gather to enjoy the spectacle.

Villagers are blessed by senior members of the community and then need to climb 36 steps made of blades. The fastest climber gives out prizes to the others who take part in the painful climb. Other parts of China have similar rituals involving knives with ladders.

The Rocky Climb in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park in California has a famous granite dome called Half Dome. You can reach it on a relatively tough hike, however the excitement really begins when you reach the ladder. This isn’t a normal safety ladder or step unit.

The top of the 5,000 feet dome is reached by climbing a steep cable ladder that is bolted into the rock. People have died climbing here, so you should only attempt it in good conditions and with a lot of patience.

The Bamboo Sky Ladders in China

A trip to school used to be terrifying for students in Atuleer, China. This area of the Sichuan province is filled with mountainous terrain and a string of 17 bamboo ladders fitted to a half-mile high cliff on the way to the school.

The government responded to reports of deaths by building a steel ladder with safety features such as handrails.  This 800 metre ladder reduced the students’ journey by an hour and is less dangerous than the old one, but still looks a bit unsafe for youngsters.

The Chain Ladder Hike in South Africa

If you go hiking in South Africa you might be worried about bumping into the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants and Cape buffalo). Yet, maybe you should be more worried about how you are going to climb this dizzying series of ladders.

It can be found in the Royal Natal National Park. The ladders are fixed to a high rock-face that is known as the Ampitheatre, which is about 3 miles long and 1,600 feet high.  To see the area in all its glory, you only have to climb up the stunning chain ladder hike that takes you past a giant waterfall.

The Unsafe Ladder to a Remote Church in Georgia

The legendary Katskhi Pillar in Georgia is one of the most extraordinary sights you are ever likely to see. This limestone column is 40 metres high and it has a church and crypt built on top of it.

How do you get up there to visit the monk who lives on top? Well, male visitors used to be able to climb up a dodgy-looking steel ladder but access has now been closed completely, as it is said to be too unsafe.