What You Need to Know About Reviewing Your Workplace Safety Procedures

What You Need to Know About Reviewing Your Workplace Safety Procedures

19th November 2020

Regular review of your workplace safety protocols is vital due to the thousands of work-related accident cases reported every year across different workplaces. It is an integral aspect of worker health and safety in the workplace. Your review should focus on how well your workforce gets furnished with accident prevention awareness and the capacity of your current system to keep your business and workers safe. We’ve prepared a list of the essential items that you may consider for your workplace safety reviews.

The Must-Haves in Your Safety Review

The essentials of the review include the safety procedures and safety prevention measures that should be addressed first. You should start by performing a complete risk assessment across different processes in the workplace. Check all the pressure points in the systems and focus on all the lapses that could result in incidents, especially if you’re working in environments where harmful/hazardous products are being handled. Ensure you have the right access equipment installed across the workplace before conducting the assessment. For instance, you’ll need step units to safely access raised equipment or easily traverse areas with pipes and ducts.

Your fitted emergency response systems also need to be checked properly. Ensure to maintain regular and thorough checks on how well your current systems will respond in case of an emergency. You should also consider and implement periodic upgrades of your current systems.

When it comes to safety technologies designed to keep your business safe, there are several advancements that you need to include in your safety program to ensure your business and workers get maximum protection. Another factor that you need to include in your safety reviews is the periodical inspection of equipment used by your workforce. The equipment needs to be in good condition to enhance productivity and ensure safe operations.

What to Cover in Your Safety Procedure Review

It is crucial to conduct workplace safety assessment, particularly on the workers’ part. Besides conducting regular safety training, both as needed and as scheduled, you need to perform periodical reviews of how your workforce has grasped the training. This will help you gauge the effectiveness of the training and provide insights on what needs to be changed or modified. Training and retraining can be a sure way to ensure your workforce gets complete knowledge of all the relevant guidelines.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) awareness is also essential. Consider providing your workforce with periodicals on the essence of proper PPE in workplace safety, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. You may also decide to include presentations to demonstrate how to use different pieces of PPE to enhance best safety practices when working on the tasks.

The frequency of your safety meetings also needs to be reviewed. These meetings have proven to be effective in ensuring your employees understand the company policies and safety procedures. You’ll be in a better position to max out incident prevention if you maintain regular safety meetings in your business. You may consider enlisting professional services to help your workforce better understand the safety procedures and guidelines hence increased chances of mitigating risks and successfully preventing incidents.

There are extra safety procedures that you can also cover when conducting your safety review to help reduce safety risks and strengthen workplace safety. These include:

  • Implementing the standard procedures recommended for your industry.

  • Involving professionals in your special training sessions.

  • Employing disciplinary procedures for worker non-compliance as well as reward programs for workers with exemplary performance.