Workplace Maintenance: Your Secret Weapon for Safety

Workplace Maintenance: Your Secret Weapon for Safety

29th October 2020

Unexpected equipment failures can greatly interrupt your production schedule and cause costly downtime that could negatively affect your business. Your safety and that of your workforce may also be compromised. However, regular maintenance is crucial to prevent catastrophic equipment failure and avoidable fines and costs in compensation. The main aim of maintenance is to ensure your equipment is functioning at 100 per cent efficiency as much as possible. You’ll also avoid costly repairs, increase the resale value of your equipment, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. The following are some of the reasons why you should focus on maintenance as your secret weapon for safety.


  1. It’s a Legal Requirement

Besides the moral responsibility to ensure proper maintenance of workplace equipment, employers also have a legal responsibility to comply with safety laws and policies. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has laid down the wide-ranging roles of employers concerning workplace maintenance and safety. They are required to protect the health and safety of their workforce and others in their workplace; hence the need for regular maintenance of different pieces of equipment. As an employer, you need to ensure to inspect all pieces of equipment exposed to conditions that could cause deterioration and make the equipment vulnerable to dangerous situations. The inspection should be done at suitable intervals and after exceptional circumstances that could jeopardise equipment’s safety. It is important that you also check for the quality of the products and whether they meet the necessary requirements. For instance, CE marked fabrications have been designed as per the EU health and safety standards to ensure they are safe for use.


  1. Ensures Proper Functionality of Your Fall Protection

Fall protection equipment helps provide safe access to workers when working at height. These pieces of equipment need to be in good condition to ensure your safety when working at heights. They need to follow the manufacturers’ guidelines and operate as expected. Proper maintenance should be conducted regularly and any equipment found in poor condition should be tagged unsafe for use and isolated until it has been repaired or replaced. Ensure also to inspect your personal protective equipment (PPE) used with the fall protection equipment to ensure their proper functionality hence reducing the chances for accidents and injuries.


  1. Helps Reduce Your Liability

Ensuring proper maintenance in your workplace can help reduce your liability in case of an incident. Normally, in the event of an incident and you are unable to produce the relevant maintenance records, you’ll be held liable and you may be forced to pay hefty fines. Your maintenance workers can be vital to conduct the inspection since they understand the processes in the business and how each piece of equipment should function efficiently. You can also have a professional conduct a comprehensive inspection around the business to ensure it is safe for workers and complies with the relevant regulations and directives. Ensure you schedule for your equipment to be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid consequences such as the invalidation of the warranties on the equipment. Most people end up losing compensation for items such as gutters and roofs due to the invalidation of their subsequent warranties for lack of maintenance of the items. Lack of proper regular maintenance can also affect your insurance.