Working At Heights – Some Online Resources Designed To Educate You On Safety And Best Practice

Working At Heights – Some Online Resources Designed To Educate You On Safety And Best Practice

05th December 2013

People working at heights are at an increased risk of accidents due to falls – therefore appropriate and effective use of safety equipment is vital.  Researching for information on working at heights is an essential consideration and there are some really useful resources online that will allow you to identify the risks involved, inform you of the safety equipment that is available and educate yourself on how to make sure that you work as safely as possible at all times.  

Whether you’re an employee of an organisation or a sole trader, working at height means that you need to be constantly alert and aware of your surroundings, the equipment you use and your personal safety at all times.  Mistakes can lead to accidents that can result in serious injury or even death, so the better informed you are, the easier it will be to keep yourself safe as you work.
The UK Health and Safety Executive has published a series of information sheets that represent a useful resource for those who work at heights, whether on an occasional or regular basis. 

The series is made up of five sheets that cover all aspects of working at heights:

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Information Sheet 1 – Work at Height:  The Basics.  This is for employers and employees and contains the necessary information on identifying when you are working at heights and the issues you need to consider to ensure safety.
Information Sheet 2 – Selecting Equipment for work at height.  This sheet is designed to help employers and employees to choose the appropriate equipment to use  when working at height.
Information Sheet 3 – Selecting competent contractors for work at height.  This information will enable business oweners and employers to choose the most suitable organisation to undertake work at height and ensure that the work is undertaken in a safe manner.  Contractors who are bidding for work will also find this a valuable resource.
Information Sheet 4 – Selecting, using and maintaining personal fall protection equipment.  This sheet contains the information you may need to decide on whether or not personal fall protection equipment is appropriate for a particular job and how to use this equipment safely.
Information Sheet 5 – Minor roof maintenance work:  Protecting against falls.  The information contained on this sheet is aimed at those who need to carry out minor roof maintenance work.  This will help you to plan a safe method of carrying out maintenance and repair work.

The HSE ran a Height Awareness Campaign in 2006 that was designed to allow workers and employers identify when they are working at height and how they coul be at risk of falling.  There is an interactive tool/quiz that you can use to get more information on working at heights in differing situations.  This highlights the risks involved and what is considered best practice when undertaking particular tasks or using specific items of equipment.

There are many more invaluable resources online for those who work at height and may be at risk of falls or other accidents.  Just be sure that when you look for information online you’re using websites/resources that are up to date and are approved by the HSE.