Working at Height in Windy Conditions

Working at Height in Windy Conditions

28th April 2015

At Safety Fabrications we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most up to date access equipment available for the construction industry today.  We like to be on the cutting edge, bringing you the safest and most modern methods of working at height.  As such, we also keep an eye on developments within the industry so that we can offer our readers useful and relevant information so that they can keep up to speed with what’s going on within our sector.  We recently published a blog post on one of the most innovative new products we’ve seen for some time, the SmartVest – a high vis vest that issues hazard warnings to the workers who wear it for an added level of safety.

Digital solutions such as the SmartVest are bringing the construction industry bang up to date and we recently came across another useful tool that will add an extra level of safety for crane operators and those who work at height – a great looking new product called WindCrane.  WindCrane is an ingenious solution – a wind speed monitor with a difference.

We all know that high winds represent a particular hazard for those working at height, whether that’s on construction sites, roofs, tall structures or cranes.  Windy conditions add an extra hazard to the overall risks faced in an industry that’s already considered high risk.  It’s recommended that wind speeds are monitored to ensure that the correct health and safety procedures are followed and this involves carrying out a risk assessment in order to maintain safe levels of operation and comply with legislation.

WindCrane combines remote mobile technology with round the clock cloud software to automatically track wind information in real time.  The kit works on mains electricity or via solar charging system and can be removed and remounted in minutes, making it totally mobile.  It’s flexible enough to be used on multiple sites in any time period.  The wind monitor has a fully automated GSM enabled system with a limitless operating range. 

Wind speed and direction is measured using an anemometer and all information is logged on a data management portal which users access via GSM.  The kit allows users to view up-to-date wind speed data and receive alerts when maximum wind speeds approach.  Instant wind data can be viewed on the user’s dashboard or can be accessed via office computers and mobile phones.  The instant alerts and full back up of wind events improve the communication process and allow site managers and crane operators to make enhanced decisions on health and safety procedures.  Specific historical data can be exported in an easy format for use on both internal and external reports and is particularly useful when there are downtime disputes.

We’re likely to see more product like WindCrane in the future as digital technology makes inroads in the construction industry, improving health and safety, enhancing productivity and generally offering what is a traditional industry updated and improved methods of working.