Worker ID on Construction Sites in the UK

Worker ID on Construction Sites in the UK

29th June 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we’re committed to promoting safety in the workplace – after all we’re in the business of fabricating and supplying equipment designed to make work at height as safe as is practicable.  We’re well aware that the construction industry is a risky sector in which to work and accounts for a significant proportion of the more serious and life-changing work-related injuries that occur here in the UK on an annual basis.  We’re also dedicated to playing our part in bringing our readers advice that will make workplaces safer, as well as supplying the equipment with which to do so.  As such, we often draw the attention of our readers to great ideas that help with making Britain’s construction sites safer.

When an accident does occur, identifying the workers involved is vital for first responders so that they can gain rapid access to the medical histories of the injured.  The information that’s necessary for emergency response personnel to deliver life-saving medical care is not always accessible on a jobsite.  The personal data that employees have shared with the company is usually locked up in an employee database, or in some cases, still written in a paper file and locked away in a cabinet in an office! 

Unfortunately, it’s also true that some employees may not feel comfortable in sharing private medical information with their employer which makes it even more of a challenge, in some cases, to ensure that an injured worker or a worker who has suffered a medical “incident” gets the right type of care as quickly as possible.  However, despite some of the strictest health and safety in the workplace legislation on the planet, there is no requirement in the UK for worker identification. 

When accidents or medical emergencies occur, getting quick access the vital information may mean the difference between life and death.  First responders will need to know as much as possible about an ill or injured worker in order to provide quick and effective treatment.  Worker ID can be used to provide emergency personnel with immediate access to the information necessary to begin care right away.  This is why it’s a great idea for construction company owners to provide their workforce with a wearable solution for Emergency ID storage such as a capsule containing the information.  This is a win-win solution as the personal medical details of staff is kept totally private unless it is needed in an emergency situation.  The data stored can be as simple as follows:

  • Allergies
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Health Conditions
  • Medical History
  • Emergency Contact Name and Number

A low-cost plastic weatherproof capsule on a lanyard attached to a tool belt is the ideal solution and can easily be obtained online.  Whether you choose a small container or a card style solution that can be carried in a wallet or pocket, it’s a great way of adding an extra level of protection to workers on construction sites across the UK.  Taking a proactive approach in this way means that when accidents happen, you’ll be ready to respond with all the information needed to do so appropriately and safely.