When is a Wheelbarrow not a Wheelbarrow?

When is a Wheelbarrow not a Wheelbarrow?

11th March 2015

No, the title of this blog post is not a funny quiz of some sort and the answer is “when it’s a chair”, of course!  Today we’re going to take a light hearted look at the innovative ways in which some people are using construction equipment.  It’s not for construction, let us assure you of that right now.  Quite a while back we published a blog post on the phenomenon of “upcycling”.  Upcycling is when you use something that would otherwise be thrown away for a different purpose than that for which it was intended.  In fact, we’ve come across so many uses for ladders that are past their “sell by” date that we’ve done a second blog post on repurposing old ladders – there are just so many great ideas out there on what to do once your ladder is no longer fit for purpose. 

Since then we’ve stayed on the lookout for novel ways of repurposing not just ladders, but other types of construction equipment and tools.  We recently came across a great photo of some wheelbarrows being used as makeshift recliner chairs.  This is a great idea, all you would need is a couple of cushions, add a cable spool and you have a great new set of patio furniture!  We had a look around at wheelbarrows on Pinterest and came across a couple that had actually been made into chairs, complete with canvas seat a la deckchair style.

Seriously though, we quite like the idea of wheelbarrows being turned into garden planters – they always look great with swathes of greenery spilling over the edges.  We’ve also seen a wheelbarrow being used as a fire pit which is a pretty cool idea, but we’re really not sure how long it would last.

The internet is a great place to scout for ideas if you’re looking to upcycle or repurpose just about anything.  There are some brilliant ideas out there and people are usually so proud of what they’ve created that they’re taking photos with their smartphones and sharing online.  Most of these photos eventually end up on Pinterest which is one of the best places to look if you’re basically a visual person – it’s also a great place to store all those ideas you come across.