When is it the Right Time to Replace Your Ladder?

When is it the Right Time to Replace Your Ladder?

31st March 2020

Proper maintenance, storage, and safe use of your ladders are essential for the long life of your tools. Ladders usually don’t wear out like other tools, but this doesn’t mean they’re immune to wear and tear. Cracks, sharp edges, indentation, loose screws, significant abrasions, and shaky fixings are often assumed ladder issues that could easily cause ladder failure and hence accidents. In some cases, you can fix the issues and your ladder should be good to perform its intended task. However, there are some signs that tell it’s time to switch to another ladder before it’s too late. Read on to learn some of the reasons that can merit ladder replacement.


  1. How Old is the Ladder?

It’s important to consider the age of your ladder to know when it’s time to replace it with a new one. Most ladders can last for months or years with no or minimum repairs required provided they’re well maintained and stored. But even then, they will not last forever. You need to replace your ladders as soon as they get old. Fixed access ladders will also need to be replaced. Performing a routine inspection will guide you when it’s time to switch the ladders. If you have an old ladder, you need to be more watchful when using it. Any issues, however minor, shouldn’t be assumed.


  1. How Much Use Has it Had?

A ladder that’s frequently used will more likely wear out faster than that rarely used. You may need to replace your ladder if you’ve been using it regularly for a significant amount of time. Ensure to fix any minor issues that could result while using the ladder. However, if repairing the damages will still pose a safety risk, you need to replace the ladder completely. Ensure to also observe ladder safety guidelines when using the ladder.


  1. Which Material is the Ladder Made of?

The type of material your ladder is made of plays a vital role in the kind of task you’re planning to perform. Different materials may not be efficient for use in certain tasks. For instance, you cannot use a metal ladder in a place where there are electrical wires. You can use fibreglass ladders instead. Wooden ladders are also susceptible to rot, cracks, splinters, and loose joints and may not be efficient, especially if you’re looking for a ladder to use for a significantly longer time. In this case, you may switch to strong, durable materials, such as an aluminium or fibreglass ladder.


  1. Have You Had Issues With Your Ladder Before

If you’ve had issues with your ladder before, there’s a high chance the tool can fail while in use. Your ladder may have slid down a sidewall and onto the ground when setting it up. Or maybe you’ve been transporting the ladder over rough roads for hours. Such actions could have had a significant hit on the ladder causing structural issues, such as rungs becoming loose. You need to inspect your ladder to ensure everything is okay before using it. Any damages or missing parts should be enough reasons to replace the ladder to prevent avoidable incidents.