What to Look for In Your Safety Ladders

What to Look for In Your Safety Ladders

14th October 2019

Working at height is something that should never be taken lightly. A big part of getting it right comes down to the equipment that you use.

No matter how experienced your team are, if they use poor equipment then they are going to be in danger. The following are some of the main points to bearing when you are getting ready to use safety ladders on any sort of job.

Consider the Specific Job in Question

The exact job that you are going to carry out will determine whether you need to check anything else. For example, if you are at risk of coming into contact with electricity then you should only use fibreglass ladders, rather than metal models.

Of course, the height is one of the most obvious issues. Yet, the ladder doesn’t just have to reach the spot you want to get to. For safety reasons, it should go past the point where you are getting off by at least three feet. On most types of ladder, it is recommended that you don’t use the last three rungs.

Find the Right Type of Ladder

There are a few different types of ladder around. These include step ladders, platform ladders and flexible ladders. The reason these different models exist is that they are each designed with certain jobs or situations in mind.

Therefore, not every type of ladder is going to be suitable for every kind of job. You need to take into account issues such as the weight it will need to bear and how quickly you need to be able to assemble it. For tough jobs or high-altitude work, industrial safety ladders give you the features and strength that you need.

Check the Current Condition

You should check the condition of your ladder every time that you use it. Any sort of crack, defect or loose rivet can make it unsafe to use. Even if you use it every day, you can’t always just assume that it is fine. A quick check will ensure that you can carry on using it confidently.

If there is anything wrong with it then it needs to be replaced or repaired. Make sure that any faulty ladders are clearly marked so that no one else tries to use them. Even a minor-looking defect could put your team’s health at risk.

Look at the Feet

One of the most important parts of any ladder is the feet. They need to provide a firm, secure base for you to work from. Without this, there is a risk that it slips away from under you while you use it.

This means that they should all have slip-resistant pads that are in good condition. A ladder that lacks these pads is going to be dangerous to use.


Ladders are among the most commonly used accessories and seem very simple to understand. Yet, there are some issues that you need to be aware of to be able to use them with complete confidence and absolutely no risks.