What Are the World’s Biggest Christmas Trees?

What Are the World’s Biggest Christmas Trees?

08th December 2020

We all love to see a giant Christmas tree that puts us into the festive spirit with its sparkling lights and brilliant baubles, but what are the tallest trees the world has have ever seen? The following are some of the main contenders found.

The Tallest Artificial Christmas Tree, Sri Lanka

In 2016 work started on a massive tree in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was going to be 100 metres tall and would smash the record that has been set by a 56 metre effort built in Guangzhou, China in 2015.  In the end, it was a little bit smaller than expected but still hugely impressive.

Criticisms from religious leaders meant that the project was stop-start but when it was finished it stood at a mighty 72 metres tall and featured a million pine cones and 600,000 LED bulbs with a 6 metre star on top. The tree was taken down at the start of 2017 but the record it set hasn’t been beaten yet.

The Tallest Natural Christmas Tree, USA

There is some debate over which tree is the true holder of this record. Some sources suggest that it is the 67 metre giant used in a shopping centre in Washington. This Douglas fir was put up in 1950 and still holds the Guinness record.

In 2020, the top tree appears to be a 38 metre white fir that has been transported from Northern California to San Clemente for the festive season. Outside the US, there are reports of bigger trees being used in Germany and Brazil but the official record-holder is still the Washington effort from 1950.  

The Biggest Floating Tree, Brazil

We don’t normally associate Christmas trees with floating, but the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake in Rio de Janeiro witnessed a monster effort to do just this in 2011. At 85-metres tall, this was labelled as being “a gift for the Brazilian family” and also introduced the logo for the 2016 Summer Paralympics in the city.

This tree was as big as a 29-storey building and was lit up every evening during the festive season, following its unveiling with a spectacular fireworks display. We certainly hope that the team that built it used a large fixed access ladder to get safely to the top to put on the star to complete it.

The Biggest LED Tree, the UK

Despite the UK’s Christmas festivities being scaled down in 2020, there is still one impressive new record that is about to be set. The tallest LED Christmas tree to ever exist is on show at Wembley Park this year.

Known as the Hopeful Tree, it is 25 metres tall and has a lights display made up of 100,000 LED lights that twinkle in a way that is based on the night sky during the winter months. Visitors can also walk through the tree for a more immersive festive experience. It is one of a set of Christmas sculptures and ornaments that light up this corner of the capital during December.