Weird, Unexplained Metal Objects Throughout History

Weird, Unexplained Metal Objects Throughout History

05th May 2020

You might think that all of the metal objects found on Earth are relatively recent and easy to explain. Yet, we can see that throughout history there have been many discoveries of bizarre metal objects that defy any logical explanation.

The London Artefact

To understand more about this strange artefact, we need to head back in time to London, Texas in the 1930s. At this time, a couple noticed a strange rock with wood in it. They took it to their house and smashed it open with a hammer, revealing what looked like an ancient hammer inside.

It was investigated by archaeologists, who confirmed that the rock around the object was 400 million years old. The hammer itself is fairly small and is made of iron and wood. To this day, it hasn’t rusted, although some reports suggest that part of the handle has started to turn into coal.

Some creationists have claimed that the London Hammer is evidence of a “pre-Flood” society. Others believe that it is a 19th century miner’s hammer around which the soil became putrified over time.

The Baghdad Battery

This may be the oldest type of battery ever discovered, dating back possibly some 2,000 years. It is made up of 3 separate parts. These are a ceramic pot, an iron rod and a copper tube, dating back long before CE marked fabrications and other modern metal creations ever existed.

This ancient battery was discovered in Iraq and may have been used when the region was part of the Parthian Empire, or when it was under the Sasanian Empire.

Scientists still aren’t sure exactly what it was used for. It may have been for electrotherapy use, or to carry out an electroplating process. Nothing else discovered from that period gives us any clue about what this find actually does.

Giant Balls of Metal from the Sky

Recent reports from around the world suggested that giant balls of metal were falling from the heavens. People from places as far apart as the UK, Russia and Peru confirmed that they had seen fiery balls raining down on the land.

In the aftermath, locals in Peru found three strange metal shapes in the fields near Tingo Maria and Pucalklpa. Initial reports suggested that they may have been meteorites. Yet, meteorologists said that no meteors were spotted during the dates that the balls appeared.

Another theory was that they were part of an old Russian spaceship that had finally re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere. Or it may have been unidentified pieces of space debris that caught fire when dropping through the planet’s atmosphere.

Roman Dodecahedrons

These 12-sided objects have been found dotted about Europe over the years. They are small, hollow and typically made of a copper alloy or brass.

Over 100 of these things have been found in the UK, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. Yet, no one knows what they were designed for. There appear to be no written records anywhere of why the Romans used them.

Some historians suggest that they may have been candle holders, while others think they may have been used for magic spells or simply as decoration.