We Wish you a Merry Christmas

We Wish you a Merry Christmas

27th December 2018

Families across the land are gathering together to celebrate Christmas once again and, here at D-marc, we want to extend Christmas wishes to all of our readers as the year comes to a close.  We wish all of our readers a happy Christmas this year and hope that Santa brings the kids all the toys and games they’ve been hoping for.

This is the time of the shortest days and the longest nights and Santa needs the time on Christmas Eve to work his way across the globe, visiting homes in towns, villages and cities, landing on every rooftop in his sleigh, so that he can creep down the chimney and leave a bag of presents at the end of every child’s bed. 

Landing on a roof in a sleigh drawn by six reindeer is a challenging feat of sleighmanship, even with the help of Rudolph and his glowing red nose to light the way ahead.  Obviously, Santa finds it a lot easier to land on a flat roof than he does on a pitched roof but he’s always pretty careful at all times because Santa is pretty much an expert when it comes to working at height. 

Although health and safety legislation (and the work at height rules, in particular) do not apply to Santa due to his magical status, he could still come a cropper if he lands on a fragile roof or on a roof that’s slippery with snow and ice. 

Whatever the weather is like on Christmas Eve, it’s sure to be cold in most parts of the world and Santa has to wrap up warm to avoid getting hypothermia when spending so many hours speeding through the atmosphere at such a fast clip.  Make sure that this year the kids leave out a mince pie or two and a tot of something special to warm Santa up as he wends his merry way through your town.  Christmas Eve is a busy night and Santa needs to keep his strength up – he has no room on his sleigh for a packed midnight feast because it’s stuffed full of all the presents he has to deliver to boys and girls in all four corners of the globe.

Santa’s reindeer have a very long and challenging journey indeed and they need plenty of energy to keep them going all night long.  Kids across the UK will have been buying reindeer food to leave sprinkled over the lawn for the reindeer to nibble at on Christmas Eve.   Making reindeer food has been a favourite activity at school Christmas fairs in many parts of Britain – children sitting round a craft table and filling their reindeer food bags with nuts, seeds and other reindeer goodies, keeping the kids occupied and out of trouble whilst mums and dads listen out to see if their raffle ticket bears a lucky number that signifies they are the proud winner of a box of chocolates, a bottle of shower gel or some other gift donated by parents.

Whatever the weather and wherever you are, we hope Santa visits your house this Christmas and, hopefully, the reindeer hooves don’t damage your roof.

Merry Christmas and we look forward to entertaining you with our news and articles throughout 2019 – why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep fully up to date with what’s going on at Safety Fabrications and in our industry?