We May Not Be a Household Name But . . .

We May Not Be a Household Name But . . .

22nd April 2019
Safety Ladders
Freston Road, London

Here at Safety Fabrications we work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the best safe access solution that’s tailored to their specific needs.  After all, we know that the safety of their personnel depends on the excellence of our products, whether they are access ladders, step units, walkways or structural anchor posts. 

This is why we adhere strictly to legislation when it comes to materials, only providing access solutions that will be robust enough to stand up to the daily wear and tear that access equipment undergoes in an industrial or commercial setting. 

We may not be a “household name”, as so many consumer products are, but it’s a safe bet that there are several households across the UK who have family members recommending our products, allowing them to work safely at height in a range of different circumstances. 

One example of an access solution designed to meet a client’s specific requirements can be found in London, along Freston Road, where we supplied one of our Ascent™ ladders with hoops and a platform at the head. 

Our Ascent™ range of Fixed Access Ladders allows onsite adjustment to meet the individual needs whilst delivering an enhanced level of safety.  What’s more, it’s so well designed it appears like a bespoke product, despite the fact that all of our Ascent™ products are readily available, off the shelf and delivered in flat pack format for assembly on site.  All of our safety ladders can be supplied with freestanding feet (for instances where roof penetration is not possible) or with a bracket fixing kit. 

Safety Ladders
Siemens, Ulverston

Ascent™ Safety Ladders are available with a simple step through at the head or a platform than clears any obstructions, with an extra step-down option if required.  All of the Ascent™ ladders can be supplied with hoops if necessary, adding an extra level of safety.

The Ascent™ range offers so many flexible options, that it represents a viable safe access solution in a wide range of situations.  All Safety Fabrications’ products comply with BS EN 1090-1:2009, A1:2022 and 2:2008 so customers can rest assured that they, in turn, are compliant with current health and safety in the workplace regulations.  Our products also bear CE Marking to demonstrate compliance with universal standards.

The robustness of our products is perhaps why some of the household names choose Safety Fabrications to provide safe access solutions for their employees – they know they can rely on us to supply a safe and appropriate solution that’s cost effective and available off the shelf in many instances.   This is why tech giant Siemens chose our Ascent™ ladder with hoops and platform to the head to be installed at their Ulverston site – knowing it’s a solution they can rely on.

As previously mentioned, we may not be a household name, but so many household names rely on us for safety!