Wanna Play a Game? It’s not Snakes and Ladders!

Wanna Play a Game? It’s not Snakes and Ladders!

27th September 2018

Some great news for health and safety professionals, especially those of you who like to have a little bit of fun now and again, despite the serious issues you deal with.  The manufacturers’ organisation EFF (formerly known as the Engineering Employees’ Federation), launched a game-based learning tool at this year’s IOSH 2018 conference which was held at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre (ICC).  The game is an interactive tool which will enable employers and employees to promote health and safety in the workplace more effectively.

The game based tool is a computer and tablet based audio-visual experience which can be custom-branded and individually tailored to replicate an exact workplace for extra authenticity.  Learners are rewarded for the speed and accuracy of their decision making as they manage health and safety risks in a simulated work environment.  What’s more, making the learning process even more fun, individuals or departments can compete against each other to achieve the best risk assessment and health and safety awareness.

The game is also designed to provide employers with a detailed insight in any areas where further training or knowledge is necessary.  It can help to identify any potential weak spots in the organisation and has a function that can track improvements in knowledge and awareness.  This enables employers to make informed business decisions and take preventative measures by tracking the likeliness and severity of risks.

The game based tool has already been used by Fujitsu as a component in their international training programme and, according to Simon Head, Head of Health and Safety at Fujitsu, it has proved to be the “lynchpin of their international training programme”.  He went on to disclose that uptake has far exceeded any other e-based training tools and has resulted in people talking more and changes in behaviour.

Integrating games into the training programme in this way is fun and it’s an effective way of engaging the workforce. 

There are three different versions of the game based learning tool available to suit differing budgets:

  1. A low-cost, ready-made game which covers key hazards within a workplace.  This enables employers to see and track workers’ scores and usage on an individual basis.
  2. A medium priced, white-labelled version which enables a more personalised experience.
  3. A premium Bespoke version which can be used to recreate individual sites, combining hazards and company values for a totally immersive experience.

If you struggle to get employees to take the issues of health and safety seriously, then perhaps this game based solution would help.   Making learning fun is an effective way of providing training that employees will engage with, rather than just sat watching a speaker deliver the information from their notes.  If you want to find out a little more about this game based tool, check out the You-Tube video below, you’re sure to find scenarios that are relevant to your business.