The UK’s Five Deadliest Jobs

The UK’s Five Deadliest Jobs

25th May 2017

If you were to ask anybody to name the most dangerous jobs they’re likely to answer you with jobs like bomb disposal experts, astronauts, formula one drivers, lion tamers, etc.  While these are pretty dangerous jobs, UK health and safety statistics suggest that some of the most dangerous jobs to do are fairly common.  When it comes to industries investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), some fairly common occupations are highlighted as resulting in a high number of deaths and injuries in the workplace, resulting in devastation and emotional stress, not just for the person injured or killed, but for their families as well.  Today we’re going to take a look at the UK’s five deadliest jobs.

1.      Construction Work – while the construction industry accounts for a mere 5% of employees in the UK, it is responsible for 27% of all fatal injuries in the workplace, many of which are as a result of a fall from height.  A third of all fatal slips, trips and falls involve a construction worker.  Despite the stringent health and safety at work legislation in the UK, the construction industry remains the most dangerous industry in which to work.

2.      Farming – despite the fact that farming traditionally enjoys a reputation as a peaceful, rural activity, modern farming methods and practices mean that it’s a pretty risky occupation nowadays.  Farming tops the list for on the job fatalities in the HSE’s Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry Sector and accounts for one in every five work related deaths.  Almost half of the fatalities in the sector were farmers.

3.      Waste and Recycling – this is a high risk injury which accounts for only 0.5% of employees in the UK but returns a disproportionate 2.6% of reported workplace injuries.  The waste and recycling industry is essential to our society and we need to ensure that those on whom we rely to keep Britain clean and eco-friendly are exposed to a minimum level of risk.

4.      Garage Work – the sale and repair of vehicles sector accounted for five deaths in 2012 – 13 and an additional 277 major industries.  This means that vehicular repair and sales is a dangerous sector in which to work.

5.      Manufacturing – the manufacturing industry is made up of a range of different industries and employs 2.5 million workers here in the UK.  There were 14 manufacturing industry worker fatalities in 2013-14, three of which were in the manufacture of fabricated metal products and three of which were in the manufacture of food. 

Due to strict health and safety legislation combined with initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of health and safety in the workplace, fatalities and injuries are surprisingly low here in the UK.  However, fatalities and injuries do still occur which demonstrates just how necessary it is for us all to be vigilant at all times.  We need to protect ourselves and our employees to ensure that they arrive home to their families safe and sound at the end of each working day.