UK Ladder Exchange Scheme is now on - Grab yourself a bargain

UK Ladder Exchange Scheme is now on - Grab yourself a bargain

08th September 2014

The UKs third annual Ladder Exchange Scheme is up and running (from September 1st to December 31st, 2014) and is set to be as popular as ever.  This year’s scheme is being organised by the Ladder Association (formerly known as the British Ladder Manufacturers’ Association), an organisation that aims to look after the interests of an increasingly diverse membership bases and the ladder industry as a whole. 

We’ve covered the Ladder Exchange Scheme in previous blog posts that describe the scheme, how it came about and what it means for ladder users in the UK.  However, with more than two million ladders in daily use here in Britain and falls from height still constituting the main causes of death and injury in the workplace, we feel it’s absolutely vital to get the message out on just how important ladder safety is.

The Ladder Exchange enjoys a great relationship with a number of trade in partners across the UK who will offer a discount on the price of a new ladder when an old ladder is traded in.  Not only does this ensure that new ladders are in use in homes and buildings across Britain, it also serves to remove old, broken, dangerous ladders from our homes and businesses, ensuring that they are no longer a risk factor. 

People and businesses all over Britain are eligible to trade in their old ladders for new ones at bargain prices.  The scheme is open to householders as well as businesses and tradespeople, which is testament to how seriously the Ladder Association take the subject of ladder safety.  As well as providing people with ladders at bargain basement prices (provided that an old, unsafe ladder is traded in during the transaction), the Ladder Exchange also serves to raise awareness of the importance of ladder safety training for those who regularly work on ladders, as well as for DIY enthusiasts who use ladders on a regular basis.  New guidance from the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) notes that people working with ladders must be competent, and “have had instruction and understand how to use the equipment safely”.

Here at Safety Fabrications we cannot stress enough how essential ladder safety training is for those who work with ladders of all kinds and plant platforms.  Undergoing the appropriate training doesn’t just equip people with the knowledge and understanding needed for working at height, it saves lives.  An increasing number of companies in the UK are recognising the benefits of professional ladder training because in most cases falls from ladders are caused by inappropriate or incorrect use.  While it’s vital to ensure that ladders undergo a stringent safety check each time they are used, using a ladder in good working condition is only part of what’s needed to avoid an accident – the ladder has to be used correctly and sensibly at all times.

This year’s Ladder Exchange Scheme has the added benefit of coming with expert tips for checking the condition of ladders and using them in the home environment.  There are some graphic illustrations on exactly what should be looked for when performing a ladder safety check.