Trust Me – I’m a CE Marked Fabrication!

Trust Me – I’m a CE Marked Fabrication!

16th February 2021

As a leading supplier of access equipment and fall protection products, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the solution they need, including bespoke access solutions.

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of access and fall prevention solutions that can easily be installed in situ, we recognise that some of our customers have specific requirements when it comes to ensuring the safety of their workforce. Not all jobs are the same, not all premises are the same, not all construction projects are the same – we know this, which is why we offer a bespoke design service, however complicated the requirements of the customer.

If you check out the Case Studies section of our website, you’ll discover that we’ve provided individual solutions for some rather large and complex projects, including Blackpool Tower, the Snowden Mountain Café (you can’t go much higher than that!), the historic Leeds Railway Station and the roof of the grandstand of India’s premier Formula One track!

The most important issue when it comes to access and fall protection equipment is safety – and the best way to guarantee safety is with a stringent control system – the CE Mark so valued here in Europe. CE marking indicates that a product conforms with health, safety and environmental protection standards. The CE Mark can sometimes be found on products sold outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) that have been manufactured to EEA Standards, as it’s a standard that is recognised globally. The CE Mark is basically a manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the stringent European Union (EU) standards for health, safety and environmental protection.

The CE Mark consists of the CE logo and (where applicable) a four-digit ID number of the notified organisation involved in the conformity assessment procedure. A product bearing a CE Mark can legally be sold in any part of the EEA, no matter what its country of origin.

There is strict legislation in place to control the use of CE Marking to ensure that the mark is put on products correctly. Here in the UK the sale of a product carrying the CE Mark that is not approved, or outside the scope of approval, is a specific offence under the Trades Description Act 1968. The manufacture, import or sale of any such product is liable and ignorance is not an excuse. The misuse or counterfeiting of a CE Marking is a serious offence likely to end in a fine and/or, in some cases, a prison term.

The CE Mark is a mark you can rely on here in the UK. All our products carry the relevant CE Mark that is appropriate to their use. That is why our customers know that they can rely on us and our dependable and trustworthy access products to deliver the peace of mind they need when choosing the right access solution for the job at hand.