Tradesmen you can Trust

Tradesmen you can Trust

05th January 2018

In a recent consumer study carried out by the innovative home services marketplace,, it was clear that tradesmen rank among the most trusted professionals here in the UK – great news for building companies across Britain.  More than two thirds (69%) of UK homeowners disclosed that they consider gardeners to be the most trusted professionals, beaten only by police officers (considered most trustworthy by a massive 70% of those surveyed).

This is good news for all sub-sectors of the construction industry which has received some negative press in recent years with the phrase “cowboy builders” being bandied about in news reports and on consumer websites.  These unscrupulous tradesmen have tarnished the reputation and perception of small to medium building companies across the UK.  Botched building work and tales of horrific home improvement projects have made homeowners uneasy about trusting a building company to carry out renovation projects and refurbishments which involve a large investment from home owners.  

It’s vital that homeowners who are considering building work of any kind are able to trust the professionals they hire to carry out this type of work.  When carrying out electrical repair or maintenance work there are so many things that can go wrong and result in serious incidents or damage that could potentially be life-threatening.  It’s the same when it comes to plumbing work – many projects if done incorrectly can be very costly for the homeowners to get fixed.

Plentific aims to reassure customers by providing a guarantee that the professional tradesmen selected to carry out any work have been verified with all the necessary credentials and insurance necessary to perform the work.  This is a great method of giving homeowners the confidence necessary when hiring a professional to work on their home.  

A home is the most important and expensive financial asset for most people here in the UK, so it’s vital that competent professionals are hired to carry out any repair or refurbishment projects in our homes.  The revelation that most homeowners rate tradesmen as some of the most trusted professionals is great news for all of us in the construction industry, especially for the small to medium building firms that most people would hire to carry out work on their homes.  

When it comes to comparisons with other professionals, the figures show a significant difference in trust when it comes to those hired to work on homes compared with those who are tasked with selling homes!  Estate agents feature fairly low on the list of trusted professionals (22%) as do bankers (33%).  However, if you want to know which professionals are the least trusted here in the UK, look no further than the nightly news programmes – politicians rank at the bottom with just 13% of UK homeowners saying that they are trustworthy.  You won’t be surprised to learn that care salespeople don’t fare too well at 16% and neither do journalists these days at just 18%.

So, as we enter 2018, give yourself a pat on the back, safe in the knowledge that you are one of the most trusted professionals in the UK today.