Taking it to the Top with the Two Step Unit

Taking it to the Top with the Two Step Unit

06th March 2019

Here at Safety Fabrications we pride ourselves in supplying our clients with innovative solutions specifically designed to meet their individual requirements.  This is why we operate a bespoke service in which we work closely with the client in order to deliver exactly what they need to ensure safe access at all times.

Rooftops, by their very nature, are pretty risky places in which to work and, with more flat roofs being installed on both new and existing buildings, roof access is a necessity on buildings across the UK and overseas.  When you take into consideration refurbishment and extensions, it’s very often the case that a modern building’s roof is on several different levels which can make access to all parts of the roof a challenge.

Step Unit

This is where our Ascent™ Step Unit and Up and Over Stair system come into play.  They are specifically designed to provide a simple means of access in areas where access issues are complex.  For instance, some roofs feature pipe-work, ducting, gutters and parapet walls, all of which are areas presenting risk. 

Bearing in mind the necessity to ensure the health and safety of workers accessing a variety of roof areas in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR 2005), Safety Fabrications have developed a range of solutions that have the flexibility to ensure safe access in a wide range of situations.  For added convenience, the standard range of off the shelf step units fabricated from galvanised steel are delivered in flat pack format, ready for assembly and fully adjustable on-site without compromising safety, durability or strength.  What’s more, our step units all feature freestanding feet allowing them to be installed safely and securely without damaging or penetrating the roofing fabric.

Recently one of our clients requested a step unit that would span an existing roof mounted crane rail, so Safety Fabrications stepped up to the challenge !  Working closely from the client’s photographs of the area plus accurate dimensions (specifically the width and the height of the obstruction), we developed a set of drawings for client approval.  The client was happy with our submission, so we went ahead and manufactured an Ascent™ two-tread step unit with guardrails and four adjustable rubber spreader feet which would not penetrate the flat felt roof membrane.  Further, we added safety guardrails offering an enhanced level of safety for all users. 

The step unit was supplied to the client in modular component format so that it could easily be transported to the roof area and built in situ.  The completed Step Unit now provides safe, unrestricted access across the roof mounted crane rail.

If you have an access problem that’s proving difficult to solve, why not get in touch and talk to one of our expert team members who will be only too happy to work with you offering the advice you need to find the right solution for your specific location.