Strange and Interesting World Records Involving Steel

Strange and Interesting World Records Involving Steel

25th February 2020

Steel is a highly practical metal that has been used in numerous buildings and tools all over the planet. Yet, you might not know that it has also played a part in some of the weirdest and most interesting world records around. 

The Biggest Steel Spoon

Steel spoons are common items in just about every home. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the biggest one in the world is like? If you ever want to see it then you will need to travel to Tel Aviv in Israel.

It stands proudly outside of the Uri Geller Museum in the city. In terms of its size, it measures 16.18 metres (53 feet 1 inch) long. The spoon bowl has a diameter of 2.03 metres (6 feet 8 inches).

This giant spoon overtook the record set in 2006 by Rösle GmbH & Co. KG in Marktoberdorf, Germany. Their 10.01 metre (32.84 feet) effort is still classed as the world’s biggest cooking spoon, as it appears to be functional rather than just a quirky piece of decoration.

Bending a Steel Bar Using an Armpit

Bending steel bars is incredibly difficult to do. However, the person who set this record went a step further and only used his armpit.

Jose Magellan is the brave record-holder. He achieved his claim to fame by bending a 60-inch long steel bar. It isn’t how thick the bar was, but it is an impressive feat regardless of the details.  

The Biggest Steel Sculpture

Earth’s largest steel sculpture is the imposing and multi-armed Guanyin, who is the Goddess of Mercy. It is located at the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, in Taipei. The work is said to have taken 20 years to complete and the whole thing weighs a mighty 285.48 tons.

This sculpture is 30.3 metres (99 feet 4.91 inches) high and is 35.9 metres (117 feet 9.38 inches) wide. Slightly taller is Geese in Flight on the Enchanted Highway between Gladstone and Regent in Dakota, which is classed as the largest scrap-metal sculpture. 

Carrying and Holding Steel Crosses

The Omega Force Strength Team were a group that took part in America’s Got Talent. Member, Jon Centers, set one record when he managed to carry a 316-pound steel cross for 22.86 metres, which is 75 feet.

Tim Bradley is another member of this powerful team. The record that he set involved holding a couple of 27-pound steel crosses. He managed to hold them at arm’s length for a total of 1 minute and 5.78 seconds. 

The Longest Arch Steel Bridge

The UAE is home to the longest bridge of this type. It is the Shammal Bridge in Ras Al Khaimah. Measuring 32.37 metres (106 feet), it has an expected lifespan of over a century. The previous record-holder was a Polish bridge that is just 6 metres shorter. It does not have to conform to the European

Standards associated with CE Marked Fabrications.  

This bridge can handle 2,000 vehicles in an hour and the construction method meant that it was built in half the time that a concrete bridge would have taken to put together.