Stop. Make a Change in the Construction Industry

Stop. Make a Change in the Construction Industry

09th December 2016

On the morning of 18th April, 2017, leading contractors and clients around the UK will be hitting the headlines when they down tools and stop working in the Stop. Make a Change campaign.  The event is being organised by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and this will mark the very first time that a national stand-down event has taken place here in the UK.  CECA is the representative organisation for the UK’s civil engineering contractors, with members employing more than 250,000 workers and delivering work worth around £15 billion annually.

Companies taking part in the event will be using the stand-down time to discuss with their employees and suppliers how the construction industry can collaborate to boost its performance in relation to health, safety and wellbeing.  While we cover safety issues here at Safety Fabrications on a regular basis, we’ve recently been drawing the attention of our readers to the importance of wellbeing – especially when it comes to mental health issues.  Last week we highlighted how vital an issue mental health is and the moves within the industry to stop sweeping the subject under the carpet as has been the traditional attitude in this male-dominated sector. 

However, the Stop. Make a Change campaign isn’t just about mental health issues – it covers other subjects too: 

·         Respiratory illnesses

·         Fatigue

·         Plant Safety

According to Alasdair Reisner, Chief Executive of CECA, although the industry as a whole has made significant progress in recent years to improve health, safety and wellbeing, there is still room for improvement.  CECA believes that the Stop. Make a Change campaign will provide a platform for the industry to tackle some of the most important issues faced by the industry’s workforce and supply chain.  

The campaign will also give the industry an opportunity to reflect on past performance and review how it can continue to make progress when it comes to ensuring that everybody goes home safely at the end of each working day.  A key factor in making health, safety and wellbeing a personal issue for everybody is to ensure that all workers have the confidence and knowledge to make the right choices, report freely and openly and make interventions to ensure that they themselves and those around them are safe and well at all times.

Taking part in the Stop. Make a Change campaign will provide a great opportunity to promote open discussion on these subjects in a positive manner and bring about the changes necessary to ensure that the construction industry does not lag behind other sectors when it comes to health and wellbeing in the workplace.

There’s plenty of support for the campaign from some of the biggest names in the business, including Balfour Beatty, Costain, Crossrail, Environment Agency, Heathrow Airport and Network Rail, among others.  Any construction company owners wanting to get involved in this campaign can visit the Stop. Make a Change website for more information on the campaign and how to take part.