Staying Healthy When Working in Construction

Staying Healthy When Working in Construction

28th May 2015

Anybody working on a construction site nowadays will know how important it is to stay fit and healthy. Because the work is of a physical nature, being in good physical condition is essential in order to do the work at hand.  There are some key points that you should consider if you want to stay in tip top condition and able to do your job competently and without suffering aches and pains.


This may seem like a bit of a no brainer – staying fit and strong makes it easier to do the physical work involved in the construction industry.  However you might be surprised to know that carrying just a few extra pounds can have quite a dramatic effect on your ability to do your work.  Being slightly overweight puts more pressure on your joints which can result in wear and tear to the cartilage.  More seriously, it will also increase your heart rate and could lead to cardio vascular problems or even a heart attack.  Having a heart attack while working on a construction project can be fatal for you and others around you, especially if you’re operating potentially dangerous machinery or equipment.


Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to stay alert and on top form when you’re on the job.  If you usually stay up late catching up on TV programmes, why not get into the habit of having at least two or three early nights every week?  You’ll certainly notice the difference in the way you feel at work and you could even avoid an accident or injury brought on by tiredness or fatigue.


Whether you work on intense heavy labour or operate heavy machinery, your body needs to be resilient if you want to work your full shift every day without it totally wearing you out.  Listen to your body and look out of any niggles and aches and pains so that you can attend to them immediately before they become a problem.  For any construct5ion worker, they main areas of the body to pay attention to are the back, neck, knees and hips.  If you do get some aches and pains, get them checked out by your GP in the early stages to avoid doing permanent damage to your body.


One of the most important considerations for your health is what you eat – your diet can play a large part in how you perform at work and how many sick days you have off during your working life.  While keeping your weight down and getting enough sleep are vital issues when working in the construction industry, your health and your ability to perform well at work is also influenced by the quality of the food you eat.  A healthy, natural, balanced diet will ensure that you have the energy you need to work your shift.  A good, healthy breakfast is a great start to the day and will make sure that your energy levels don’t dip before your lunch break.  Try to avoid sugary snacks and fizzy drinks whenever possible – they’ll do nothing to maintain your health and, despite delivering a quick energy boost, will lead to you feeling more tired in the long term.