Station Innovation with Safety Fabrications in Leeds

Station Innovation with Safety Fabrications in Leeds

30th May 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications, we take pride in the work we do and the construction projects that rely on our products for safe access solutions.  As such, we were thrilled to be involved in the major refurbishment of Leeds Railway Station which underwent a massive £245 million modernisation to provide a fully integrated transport service in the city of Leeds.  One of our specialities is working in close collaboration with clients to ensure that we provide a bespoke solution within an individual project’s specific requirements.  Whatever our clients need – we pride ourselves on rising to the challenge every time.

Safety LaddersThis was particularly the case when it came to the Leeds Railway Station remodelling project as all labour and materials were required to be transported to site via canal barge.  We worked closely with Premier Technical Services Group’s Surveyor, Joe Darrington and Contracts Manager, Brian Whittaker to create a safe means of access to undertake Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) works such as gutter cleaning and maintenance.  With the Station’s new gold shingle roof curving in three different directions, this presented a particular challenge.

The Safety Fabrications team drew on the knowledge and skills gained over years of experience in providing innovative, bespoke means of access and came up with the goods – namely a mild steel access platform constructed within the exiting roof void, featuring one of our Ascent access ladders providing a safe route to the roof hatch of the station.  Once this roof hatch was accessed, one of our Ascent Access walkways was installed, complete with anti-slip, open grid flooring and featuring a folding handrail on both sides.  The folding handrail was a vital client specific requirement to ensure that the clean curved lines of the building maintained an iconic appearance at the entrance of the building at all times.

Safety Fabrications was chosen to collaborate on this project because we have a long history of providing bespoke solutions in a challenging built environment.  We have the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to work closely with clients to ensure that workers are provided with safe access for working at height in a wide range of scenarios.

Leeds Railway Station is the busiest train station in the north of England, serving up to 30 million passengers annually.  It boasts 17 platforms, three customer information points, a passenger footbridge and escalators to all platforms.  The addition of a new taxi rank and bus interchange station guarantees users a fully integrated transport service in the centre of Leeds. 

The state of the art entrance area with its curved gold roof was unveiled in 2016 and is owned and managed by Network Rail.  The Station’s facilities include business support, currency exchange, facilities for the hearing impaired and disabled access.  All in all, a thoroughly modern station building that brings rail travel in Leeds into the 21st Century in style.