Spotlight on Safety - Fall Protection Posts

Spotlight on Safety - Fall Protection Posts

15th February 2021

The cold weather we’ve been experiencing here in the UK this winter has brought with it an extra need for vigilance, especially for those who work outdoors. If there’s any work at height being undertaken, then taking extra care whilst doing so really is a must. Slipping and falling at ground level can cause bad enough injuries (particularly for us adults who’ve lost our ability to bounce in the way that kids do!). Falling from height, however, is likely to result in much more serious injury, with a life-changing impact in so many cases.

The construction industry has suffered fewer restrictions as a result of the pandemic than have many other industries here in the UK. Much of the work is carried out outdoors, and builders and other construction workers have mainly been able to continue working as usual despite the restrictions brought on by Covid19.

This means that there are construction workers working outdoors during this freezing cold weather and they should be taking extra safety precautions to avoid accidents. The last thing you need right now is to be rushed to one of our hospitals, already overwhelmed with Covid cases! Keeping yourself safe from falls and injuries right now also means keeping yourself safe from having to visit an emergency department where the risk of contracting the virus is higher than in most other places.

Here at Safety Fabrications, keeping our customers and their workforce safe at work is our main concern. Not only do we supply a wide variety of access solutions for working at height, we have a range of accessories to ensure safety at work too. One such product is our fall protection post – the Ascent™ Structural Anchor Post.

Falling incidents are often classed as slips, trips and falls and are often the result of one of the following issues:

  • Unstable, slippery or untidy walkways and spaces

  • Unprotected roof or platform edges

  • The unsafe positioning and use of ladders

  • Fall Protection that is incorrectly used

  • Openings in walls

  • Holes in the floor

Falls remain one of the most common causes of serious injuries in the workplace, despite the fact that the correct equipment, correct use of equipment and a little common sense could easily prevent so many falls.

All employers have a legal responsibility to take preventative measures and put in place a stringent safety awareness strategy for their workforce. You are legally required to provide fall protection when workers are expected to work at height.

Here at Safety Fabrications, we have the equipment necessary to help ensure the safety of your workforce. As experts in fall prevention, we can also advise you on installing a system that will protect your workforce from falls in a wide variety of situations. Why not get in touch now and let us help you to ensure that all members of your workforce get the best protection available when it comes to working at height.