Snap Happy Construction Company Photos

Snap Happy Construction Company Photos

11th September 2018

One of the most effective ways for construction companies to demonstrate their skills and competence is by publishing a photographic record of their work.  In other words, telling the story of a project in a series of remarkable photos.

Using “before” and “after” photos of a project is a brilliant way to show prospective clients the difference that such a transformation can achieve.  A series of before and after photos of projects is a great advertising tool that can be used when showing customers ideas or possibilities – it’s much quicker and simpler than trying to explain in words and will minimise the amount of confusion that may arise when negotiating.

Photos taken to chronicle each step of the process are often known as “milestone photos” and will be welcomed by the current client.  Sharing the progress of their project on a regular basis delivers an invaluable level of confidence that the work is moving ahead smoothly.

Some contractors use milestone photos to reduce risks - a method of capturing visual records during the building process that documents the work of contractors and sub-contractors before the work is hidden from sight behind walls, under flooring and above ceilings.  A photographic record of the progress of a construction project doesn’t just serve to keep the client informed, it’s an ideal opportunity to create your own visual marketing resources. 

A well-presented record of each construction project will enable you to demonstrate your company’s skills and competence to prospective clients in a dramatic and attention-grabbing manner.

Having a visual record of all the different projects you have brought to success will demonstrate your company’s versatility to prospective clients.  A portfolio of photos of different types of construction, refurbishment, remodelling or repair work is a clear record of your past achievements and should inspire confidence in prospective customers.

These visual records of construction projects can be used both digitally and in print to showcase your company’s achievements to future customers who are considering hiring your company to work on a project.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take great photos – the tips we’ve provided should provide you will all the information you need to create a visual record you can be proud of. 

Neither do you need to buy expensive cameras and lenses – a smartphone with a good quality camera (20 Megapixels) will do the job nicely and provide an authentic visual record of projects you’ve completed.

Making sure you keep it real and present an authentic record of the construction project underway can present construction company owners with a bit of a challenge. Next week we’ll publish a 15 point checklist that you can use to make sure that you get it right – don’t miss out on the advice you need, follow us on Facebook or Twitter so that you get a notification as soon as the Checklist is published.