The Sims Finally Gets Ladders; Players Rejoice

The Sims Finally Gets Ladders; Players Rejoice

09th June 2020

The hugely popular Sims 4 game has reached the heights since it was released in 2014, becoming the first PC title to top the games charts in 2 years. A number of expansion packs have been released since then, but players have regularly lamented the lack of ladders.

Thankfully, this has changed recently, leading to new ways for players to get creative and expand their homes upwards.

A World without Ladders

Players quickly realised that a world without ladders severely limited their options. It is true that there were ladders for pools, but these were very specific fixed access ladders that could only be used in their natural setting and couldn’t be moved anywhere else.

This lets us see what it would be like to live without ladders. If a set of stairs didn’t fit into the space, it simply wasn’t possible to climb upwards. Just think of all the things that would be missing from the real world if ladders didn’t exist here either.

We couldn’t build tall buildings and climb cranes of other narrow structures. Ladders are such an important part of the world that it is almost impossible to imagine life without them.

This strange lack of ladders hasn’t stopped Sims 4 from being much-loved by players all over the world. Electronic Arts confirmed at the start of 2020 that they now had 20 million unique players in their database.

The Change

These useful items were finally added to the game in the recent Eco Lifestyle update. Players excitedly reported seeing ladders in the trailer for this new update and started to plan how to use them.

People quickly began to ask on Twitter whether ladders would be available both inside and outside houses. The answer came back that they could be placed wherever the users wanted to put them.

The update came at the start of June, with existing players getting access to ladders without having to pay extra. You can now see them listed in the stairs building category.

What Are Ladders Being Used for in Sims 4 ?

Since ladders are still a relatively new addition to Sims 4, people are starting to find interesting ways to use them. For instance, this is a great way to increase the living space of a small house by adding a room in the attic or a roof terrace that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

Just as in real life, this is a clever approach to adding more usable space in a house that is limited in size. The options become a lot more exciting when you can build upwards even in tiny spaces.

Tree houses are now another option that can be used in Sims 4. This opens up the possibility of adding fun little games rooms or living spaces to any garden.

As players get used to using ladders, we can expect to see more and more creative ways of using them. For the moment, everyone just seems happy that they finally have some ladders to climb.