Fit Shock Absorbers in your Work Boots for Extra Safety and Comfort when Working at Height

Fit Shock Absorbers in your Work Boots for Extra Safety and Comfort when Working at Height

13th September 2016

We’ve already stressed just how important it is when working at height to wear the correct footwear.  Scaffolders and other workers who use ladders or work at height need to make sure that they have the appropriate work boots, not only to ensure safety, but to make sure they are able to work in comfort all day.

It’s vital that work boots fit correctly as so many workers here in the UK face problems with their feet and legs in later life due to wearing the wrong type of footwear.  Our feet carry the whole of our body weight all day long and protecting our tootsies is important to our ability to carry out our work.

It’s also important that work boots feature the right type of soles – they should be slip-resistant in all cases but those who work in an industrial or heavy work environment will need to ensure that the soles are strong enough to withstand the possibility of being punctured and provide electric shock resistance.

The soles of our boots should be both flexible and strong and provide adequate shock absorption capability in order to cushion the jolts when walking on hard or uneven surfaces.  Safety boots are a must in the modern industrial workplace but although they afford the toes the protection necessary for working in the construction sector, the hard metal plate in the base of the boots can cause pain for people who are on their feet all day long.  So what can we do about this and how can we make work boots more comfortable to wear?  The answer is here.

Nowadays, there’s a new kid on the block which can help to provide an extra level of shock absorption to our work boots – Sole Mates Insoles.  Ordinary foam and gel insoles wear out quickly and flatten out, making them useless and in need of regular replacement.  Man foam insoles are flat and provide very little in the way of arch support and even memory foam insoles tend to “forget” when they’ve been in use for a while.  However, Sole Mates are a new type of insole that rely on liquid orthotics technology and have been clinically proven to increase blood circulation to the feet and lower legs.

Sole mates contain a fluid so, unlike foam or gel insoles, they don’t flatten or wear out.  The liquid is pushed up under the arch of the foot, providing firm support while reducing any pain.  The fluid is sealed inside the insole using radio frequency technology to ensure durability and each pair comes with a 12 month guarantee.

To make these insoles even more beneficial, as each step is taken, the heel comes down and the pressure exerted on the foot is transferred into the fluid (rather than pressing against something solid) and pushes it forward ready to absorb the impact of the ball of the foot.  This not only acts as an effective shock absorber, it actually provides the feet with a mini massage!  Head on over to the Sole Mates website to see how you can give your feet a treat and keep them in good working order when working at height.