How Can a Good Safety Record be Beneficial to Your Business?

How Can a Good Safety Record be Beneficial to Your Business?

18th February 2021

Every employer has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their workforce. This requires a safe and healthy workplace where employee safety is a priority. A good safety record is a big factor in maintaining a safe work environment and creating a more productive culture. It documents adherence of an organisation to safety policies and procedures hence proving that the management and staff are in sync on an essential matter. This guide explains the importance of having a good safety record and how you can build one. Please read on.

Understanding the Importance of Safety

Safety risks can vary significantly from one business to another. But whether you’re running an industrial or office business, you must have safety procedures in place. Any significant incident that may result in an employee getting injured is a real problem both to the victim and your business’s financial health. Such incidents could lead to employees having negative perceptions towards the management, possible business shutdowns, and a decrease in employees’ morale towards their jobs. All these factors drive costs, including the potential for worker turnover and lost sales.

The workers rightfully expect the management to put measures in place to have a safe place of work. But the workers also need to do their part in following the set procedures and standards in their daily activities. As with any major business goal, the management should lead the way on all safety matters and ensure to establish and maintain a good safety culture where both the parties participate and share the same goals.

How Can a Good Reputation Affect Your Business?

Safety records are a measure of the success or failure of every company’s management. Potential investors, clients, and workers will review your safety record to determine whether your management can create and implement effective safety procedures for maintaining a safe work environment.

If the management is unable to manage this basic need in every workplace, there will be concerns in their ability to implement and manage other key goals in the company. Therefore, having a good safety record clears any doubts of whether your organisation values the safety of its employees, the community, and other stakeholders. Having a bad reputation will take your business a very long time to repair and gain trust once again. This will negatively affect your business in many ways, including losing key investors, customers, and employees.

A good reputation is an indication that your organisation is able to meet defined objectives. It also translates to improved morale among employees, less downtime, better output, and less employee turnover. Your business will be able to deal with arising workplace issues in an efficient process framework.

How to Build a Good Reputation

Proper safety training and retraining programs are vital to ensure your business builds and maintains a good safety reputation. Train your employees on the importance of safety and crucial safety practices to observe in and outside the workplace. Training should include when and how to use safety equipment such as safety ladders when performing different duties.

Encourage your workforce to look out for one another and report any safety concerns as soon as possible. You need to make safety your number one priority and stress it out during your safety meetings and toolbox talks.