Safety Ladders News Roundup - September

Safety Ladders News Roundup - September

06th October 2014

Ladder safety hits the headlines on a regular basis here in Britain so we offer our readers a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts deals covers all of the news stories from the past month that deal with ladders of all types.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments below the regular news roundup postings.

As always, there is no shortage of stories that deal with injuries and fatalities following a fall from a ladder.  A Plymouth school caretaker lost his life after falling from a ladder on the last day of last term.  A 64 year old Cardiff man who fell from a ladder, hitting his head whilst cutting a hedge.  He shrugged off the incident but felt unwell next day and was taken to hospital by his insistent daughter where he died ten days later. 

Another 64 year old man, this time a gas fitter in Winchester lost his life following a fall from an incorrectly fitted loft ladder.  A 72 year old grandfather died three days after falling from a ladder and breaking his neck while painting a first floor bedroom windowsill at his Southampton home. 

This spate of incidents just goes to hammer home the fact that, despite all the good intentions and health and safety regulations we have here in the UK – using a ladder is still a risky business.

Let’s take a trip across the Pond to hear about a remarkably brave rescue.  A part time police officer in Waynesville, North Carolina, rescued a member of the public from a burning building.  Dramatic head cam footage (watch it here) from one of the fire officers struggling to contain the fire show Zack Raymond grabbing a ladder from a fire truck and rushing towards the burning building.  The ladder was held steady by two other police officers whilst Zack heroically rescued a man from the blazing second floor.

Meanwhile, back here in the UK, a fall from a ladder has saved the life of Halifax teenager, William Binns.  The apprentice plumber required ongoing hospital treatment following a fall from a ladder and this led to the discovery of a rare cancerous tumour wrapped around his nerve muscles.  William’s lower leg was amputated and he’s been receiving chemotherapy treatment on tumour nodules which travelled from his leg to his lungs.

A bizarre news report from the West Midlands reveals the tale of a couple from Brownshill who have become “prisoners in their own home”.  Paul and Wendy Collins have had a fence erected around their Victorian home in a row over access.  The fence was installed by nearby apartment block owner Sadler Mills (a property company comprised of the 12 apartment owners in the block) who claim the Collinses encroached on their land.  The couple are now reduced to using a ladder to climb the fence to get on and off their property.