Safety Ladders News Roundup – October, 2017

Safety Ladders News Roundup – October, 2017

01st November 2017

Ladder safety is an issue that gives cause for concern on a regular basis here in Britain.  We at Safety Fabrications are dedicated to providing our customers with the safest equipment possible.  Every month we scour the internet for news on ladders so that we can keep our readers up to date with what’s going on in the world of ladders and access equipment.  This is our news roundup offering for the month of March. 


If you have anything to add to any of the stories and have come across an issue that you’d like us to cover, please let us know either by email or comment on our Facebook Page or Twitter stream.

First comes the news that a senior Conservative party MP is campaigning to get rid of the party’s tree logo and replace it with a ladder.  The existing tree logo has been in use since 2006 and contains a tree symbol filled with a Union Jack flag pattern – many claim that the tree resembles a floret of broccoli!  Despite the fact that the party has yet to confirm that a rebrand is under consideration, it’s being claimed that senior MPs are advocating the image change as the ladder symbol would better represent the rights of workers and low-income voters.

There was a nasty ladder accident last month when Coronation Street’s Seb fell off a ladder following a very public and nasty argument with Anna, his girlfriend’s mother, earlier that day.  Although viewers have been kept in the dark about the accident, which was a result of an unseen hand pushing the ladder, it seems that the accident was set up by Pat Phelan, a character played by Connor McIntyre.

Meanwhile, thieves in Wellingborough used a ladder to gain access to a builder’s yard and stole stuff from the on-s9ite workshop.  The Northamptonshire police are asking for any potential witnesses to come forward after attempts were made to break into two houses and an outbuilding on Alexandra Road in Wellingborough.  This story serves to demonstrate just how important site security is, especially after hours.

DIY giant B&Q has issued warnings about a combination ladder that could cause serious injury to users.  It seems that the tool store has identified the omission of an important section of the assembly instructions for the ladders in question.  The missing safety advice relates to the blue locking bars and the bottom stabiliser bar and a failure to follow instructions is likely to result in the collapse of the ladder, along with potentially serious injuries. 

In a bid to become more creative and flexible with workspace, tech giant Microsoft has added three tree house meeting spaces to its 500 acre campus.  The tree houses come ready equipped with cafeterias, power outlets, Wi-Fi, an outdoor gas fireplace and weatherproof awnings, so it’s hardly getting back to basics and enjoying all the benefits nature has to offer, but working out of a tree house does offer attractions that your average office block just can’t compete with.